We build inclusive communities

We turn issues into solutions, ideas into projects

We will receive workshops and training to strengthen our skills. We will design development projects for the benefit of our community.

We are agents of change and, as such, design strategies to prevent conflict because we dream of peaceful and resilient communities.

It doesn’t matter where you come from, how you dress, or how you think. We care about you and our collective effort to transform society because we dream of a better world.

The best projects will receive seed funding and support for their implementation to turn issues into solutions and ideas into projects.

No, it’s a free service for the community.

6 months

may, 2024

Participation requirements

Do you live in any of the following neighborhoods of Tulcán?

We rely on the support of LAB XXI

LAB XXI  is a social enterprise and innovation laboratory that promotes the establishment of agents of change. We work to reduce the opportunity gap by developing skills and abilities that may allow people to reach their fullest potential. LAB XXI seeks to shape leaders with the capacity to identify, take advantage of, and generate opportunities that improve their quality of life.