20 December 2020, 0 Comments

The right to dream

Written by: Nathaly Farinango, DreamLAB participant

Youth is characterized by being full of dreams and illusions, with an infinite desire to change the world, with the enthusiasm and courage to create revolutions if necessary.  As Salvador Allende would say it: “Being Young and not being a revolutionary is even a biological contradiction.” Being at the age where your blood boils and drives you to be an active entity in generating changes. It is to be fully aware that your actions will no longer be reflected only in the future, but that they are immediate and constitute the present.

The DreamLAB is a project made up of youth and is aimed at young people. It is an ideal space where you can develop talents, make problems and concerns visible and collectively build solutions. The first changes begin with our closest environment by changing our reality in order to transform other realities. We as young people in this project dare to dream of safer, more cultural, united and supportive neighborhoods. Dreaming of welcoming environments, turning sad realities into happy ones, being the voices of neighbors and friends.

Dreams are worked on, built and edified; aware of that, we venture to build projects that can transform our dreams into realities, willing to offer our full potential to make this happen. Investing time, contributing ideas, learning from other people and also teaching what we know. Encouraging others to dream, since it is the beginning of social progress; after all, these dreamers only pursue rights, the greatest of them: the right to dream.

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