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Join the challenge #ReimagineYourFuture

Dream big, connect, learn, innovate


#ReimagineYourFuture is a challenge to help you think big and define your aspirations to make your dreams a reality. Seize this opportunity to develop your talents, strengthen your skills, and connect with adolescents and young people like you.

As you go on this journey, you will learn to use “Design Thinking” as a tool to design your life. You will discover and apply techniques, knowledge, and skills that will help you reimagine your future.

Sign up here by December 7: https://atingi.cartedo.com/challenge/42/reimagine-your-future-programme


Around the world, almost less than half of the 1.3 billion youth (aged 15-24) participate in the labor market and are three times more likely to be unemployed than adults. These figures are often higher among young refugees and immigrants in extreme poverty and without education.

UNICEF has partnered with Cartedo, Atingi, GenU, Goodwall, and others to launch an experiential journey with and for young people in every region of the world to respond to these issues and empower us to reinvent our future. This journey is an opportunity to dream big, make connections, learn, innovate, and transform aspiration into action.


“It was an incredible experience. I really loved the interface and the concept of the challenge!”

“This is great for young people. It’s an excellent way to learn and get inspired.”

“It was an incredible challenge!… In the beginning, I had ideas, and I wrote them down, but it was always difficult to make them happen until now that I have easily achieved them.”

“With this challenge, I have learned to split my ideas/wishes into smaller parts. This technique has allowed me to see them as ‘easily achievable’ rather than complex.”

“I learned about the ‘vision board.’ Putting it into practice helped me develop my idea through the end.”

“I found this challenge to be very educational. I learned about the ‘Smart Thinking’ method, which taught me that every idea could be accomplished if it is planned well.”

“The challenge comes at a perfect moment in my life during which I am a young professional seeking balance and work amid a global pandemic.”

“I realized that the challenge asked me difficult questions and made me consider how good my ideas can be.”

“I found that the interface was, in general, easy to use, visually attractive, and dynamic in each of its sections.”


Anyone over the age of 14, anywhere in the world.

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