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Get to know your mentors!

Mentors will accompany you in the DreamLAB through a process of shared knowledge to strengthen your development. Together they will be able to share ideas and seek solutions to the different challenges of the strengthening phase, through dialogue and self-knowledge.

We introduce you to your mentors:

Andrea Quiñonez

  • Foreign Trade and International Business Student of the ESPE
  • Political activist Secretary General FESPE
  • Vice-president and co-founder of the Foreign Trade Students Association

“I am originally from a border area of ​​the Amazon and I am aware of how important it is to democratize knowledge and generate opportunities for everyone”.

Patricia Proaño

  • Engineer in Foreign Trade and International Business, at the University of the Armed Forces-ESPE
  • Has certifications in Design Thinking, Innovation Management, Skills for teleworking
  • Economic Inclusion Counselor at HIAS Ecuador

“Being a mentor at the DreamLAB will allow me to accompany young people in their process of devising sustainable ventures, generating strategies for economic and social inclusion in the community that takes place.”

Alejandro Borja

  • Degree in International Relations from USFQ
  • Teacher
  • Consultant on youth participation issues for different educational institutions

“For several years I have been working in the education field and youth empowerment and that is why I am interested in participating, collaborating and contributing in each space that promotes the strengthening of capacities in the new generations”

Diana Guevara

  • Lawyer with a subspecialization in International Relations from the USFQ
  • MSc in International Public Policy from University College London and LL.M. in International and Comparative Law, with a major in Human Rights, from The George Washington University Law School

“It motivates me to have the opportunity to mentor adolescents and young people and to be able to influence their lives in a positive way”

Diego Utreras

  • Commercial Engineer from PUCE
  • Certifications and diplomas in Management Skills, Negotiation and Leadership by the USFQ
  • Communications Manager for the Quito Hub of Global Shapers

“It motivates me to be able to teach, share and transfer something of what I have been able to learn in my career to people who have the will to know new things and improve”

Cristina Ocaña

  • Plant biotechnology graduate
  • She is pursuing a master’s degree in crop science at Washington State University
  • She is interested in the improvement of Andean grains, especially quinoa, as an engine to improve both the health and the economy of local peoples and promote sustainability at a global level.

“I would like to share the experiences that I have acquired throughout my life and motivate other young people to work hard for their dreams.”

Ricardo Luna

  • Trial attorney
  • Master in Law and International Business
  • Advisor to natural and legal persons
  • Entrepreneurship trainer; legal-tax investigator

“Put knowledge at the service of people who need it”

Verónica Vásconez

  • Economist from the Catholic University of Ecuador and the Pierre Mendès-France University
  • Master in Public Administration and Development at Columbia University
  • Consultant for the Inter-American Development Bank in the Innovation Division of Citizen Services (ICS)
  • Impact Officer del Hub de Quito de Global Shapers
  • 10 years of experience in consulting, business intelligence, project management, and Monitoring & Evaluation

“Mentoring the DreamLAB is an opportunity that would allow me to combine my passion and experience in entrepreneurship, innovation and development with my call and commitment to serve”.

Juan Sebastián Abad

  • Economist.
  • Has a certification from Setec as a trainer of trainers (Independent Trainer)
  • Directed the National On Campus program for the Hult Prize in Ecuador
  • Works at Codeis in the financial part of the organization and in the methodological adaptations for academic programs
  • Currently leads a local economic development program in the Cangahua parish north of Quito, under the #CangahuaCrece campaign.

“It motivates me to be able to help with my knowledge and experience young dreamers who want to transform their communities for the better.”

Brandon Steve Peñaherrera

  • Founder of “My neighborhood cultural house”
  • Winner of World Change Makers with the Paaff Job project
  • Winner of national awards in the national entrepreneurship forum, CONQUITO, CHILDREN INTERNATIONAL and in AMCHAM second place for the best social entrepreneurship

“I dream of being able to help more people and to be able to change or make an impact in society.”

Enrique Crespo

  • Degree in International Relations and Political Science from the San Francisco Quito University
  • Has a master’s degree in Public Policy and Administration -specialty in comparative public policy- from the London School of Economics and Political Science
  • Leads the coordination of Science, Technology and Innovation in the Economic Development Agency of Quito – ConQuito

“I believe that we must mobilize all available resources to generate a more just society. Starting with adolescents and youth”. 

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