¡The LAB!


We will help adolescents and youth strengthen the skills needed to recognize real necessities within neighborhoods and communities.


We seek to work with the youth to build the most innovative solutions for the challenges they face every day.


We will accompany and support youth in developing their ideas and help them propose viable projects that may promote social transformation. We will learn and improve.


After a participatory selection process, the best proposals will have access to seed capital.


We will help build alliances and encourage the active participation of the entire community around the generated proposals to maintain them over time.


We build networks and share new experiences with young people who share our same interests and motivations.

How do we do it?

On their communities and reimagining them from their own realities through participatory workshops on social mapping called “Los Paseos de Jane.”

… of their neighborhoods to identify meeting sites, places of connection and interest for the participants, to offer solutions from the perspectives that most closely approach the realities we face as young people. We will abide by all the corresponding biosecurity measures.

… of young people so that we may face the challenges of our generation and build inclusive and resilient communities while breaking down intergenerational and intercultural barriers.

… that foster co-creation and develop one’s abilities: life and transferable skills, identification of real needs, ideation and innovation, project development, interculturality, and management of digital tools. At the end of the program, the participants will have identified the challenges within their community and offered a viable project as a response. The winning initiatives will have access to seed funding.

… for development, inclusion, peaceful coexistence, and solidarity in the neighborhoods of the cities of Ecuador.

… through the development of sustainable projects

ownership, and sustainability.

We build communities that are

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