10 May 2021, 0 Comments

DreamLAB meeting for new adaptations!

Last Friday, May 7, the coordination and communication teams from UNICEF Ecuador, UNDP, Vice Presidency of the Republic of Ecuador, CONQUITO, Cristo de la Calle Foundation, and LAB XXI participated in the first meeting to exchange experiences through the different methodological adaptations.

In a first intervention, Erika Ricaurte, from CONQUITO, commented on the methodological development: the challenges and good practices to promote the active participation of the group of dreamers. For his part, Erick Espinoza, as representative of the Cristo de la Calle Foundation, mentioned the progress made in the adaptations and announced that we would soon begin the strengthening process.

They also approached issues regarding sustainability and time appropriation and management at the DreamLAB during the meeting. It concluded with a Q&A session. This DreamLAB meeting takes place within the framework of developing new methodological adaptations for special protection of shelters and conflict prevention in the city of Tulcán.

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