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DreamLAB invites you to participate in: “The 2030 Agenda: A guide to transforming our world”


The United Nations Development Program (UNDP) in Ecuador aims to make visible and disseminate individual and collective actions and practices in favor of sustainable development in Ecuador. 

PARTICIPANTS The call is aimed primarily at all professional photographers and photojournalists, although natural persons residing in Ecuador are also invited to participate regardless of their nationality. 

THEME Sustainable development – The 2030 Agenda and its 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

More information:  https://www.un.org/sustainabledevelopment/es/objetivos-de-desarrollo-sostenible/

PHOTOGRAPH FEATURES There are two categories: color photography and black and white photography. Each participant may submit a minimum of 1 photograph and a maximum of 10 photographs (5 photos max per category). The participants will submit images of which they are the sole authors and will be accordingly responsible for any claim that, due to image rights, may occur on the works submitted to the contest. The photos may not be altered digitally or by any other means. Photomontages will not be allowed either. Color and lighting corrections will be allowed, as well as pixelation to protect a minor or a victim’s identity if needed. If a suspicion arises, the judging panel may request the original file. 

SUBMISSION The work must be sent to the e-mail comunicación.ecuador@undp.org through WeTransfer as JPEGs with a resolution of 300 PPI and measure 70cm on the largest of their sides. The following information is required along with the photos: name, identification card and brief curriculum of the author, date the image was taken, caption, and, if applicable, the form of media to which the author is linked or the submitted photos were published.

ADMISSION DEADLINE The deadline to submit your work is November 17, 2020

PRIZES Three prizes have been established: 

Color Photo | First prize: $600 and a certificate | Second prize: $400 and a certificate | Third Prize: $200 and a certificate

Black and White Photo | First prize: $600 and a certificate | Second prize: $400 and a certificate | Third Prize: $200 and a certificate

Each participant cannot receive more than one prize, and the prize cannot be vacant. 

JUDGING PANEL The judging panel will consist of journalists, photographers, and members of the UNDP. A decision will be reached based primarily on the photo’s informative and expressive value, in addition to creativity and technical quality, above other aesthetic or artistic criteria. The selection will be around the graphic works submitted on time and yield a first place, second classified, and third place. 

RULING The organization will announce the judge’s decision to the winners on November 24. Likewise, it will be made public through the media, website, and UNDP’s media sites in Ecuador. 

AWARDS CEREMONY The awards ceremony will be held through a virtual event that coincides with the inauguration of a virtual exhibition of the selected photographs.

OWNERSHIP OF THE WORK The intellectual property of the submitted work will always belong to the author. The UNDP may use their work for the purposes outlined in this contest and its publications, communication products, and an exhibition that gathers the works selected, among other things. The UNDP reserves the rights of graphic reproduction of the awarded works, which could be disseminated through their website, and/or any other means of publishing that belong to the organization, and their social media, as promotion of the activity and within the limits that define the activity, not having to pay its author other than the established prize. The UNDP will include the author’s name in the reproduction or online posts of their work. 

ACCEPTANCE OF THE RULES Participating in this contest implies the full acceptance of these rules and the judges’ decision, which will be final. 

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