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Animal abuse stars the Urban Art Challenge

Melissa Hurtado was named the challenge winner following the deliberation of the panel of judges consisting of Juan Sebastián Aguirre “Apitatán” and Alice Bertella, UNICEF adolescent and youth specialist

The last C4D workshop was led last January 12 by the urban artist and illustrator Juan Sebastián Aguirre, better known as Apitatán. The participants received a lecture that toured the murals of Latin America and the world, related his experience and vision as an artist, and shared his drawing techniques. In the end, the workshop closed with a live demonstration with vinyl and spray and the creation of a character in a single color.

The challenge:

To draw a self-portrait that reflects their identity or personal interests through a one-color drawing

Urban Art Challenge Winner

Melissa Hurtado

18 years old

“Meeting Apitatán at the DreamLAB was a wish come true that encouraged me to continue pursuing my dreams”


Her work:

We congratulate the rest of the participants who joined the Challenge!

Get to know the works of Christopher Tenorio, Emily Rodríguez, Fabián Madrid, and Shaden Parra:

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