Our Work

We know that, with the proper support, we will be unstoppable!

DreamLAB, also known as LABoratorio de Sueños in Spanish, is a joint initiative of the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), in partnership with the Economic Promotion Agency ConQuito and the Youth Assembly for Sustainability (Tandari) that promotes development and training opportunities at a personal and community level to local and migrant adolescents and youth.

We are a team of young people convinced that dreams are fulfilled when we have a goal of the common good. In view of this, we created DreamLAB envisioning a dynamic space to foster the development of skills, sustainable projects, and ideas that may improve youth opportunities while guaranteeing their well-being, collective intelligence, and the future perspectives of their communities.

Our Story

As with every story of social impact, DreamLAB’s story begins amid one of the most critical moments for the country: the social mobilizations of October. From this scenario, we forced ourselves to think differently, to create differently–from the perspective of young people.

This initiative was introduced as a proposal for innovation and transformation to a UNICEF and UNDP Global Call for Action. After a selection process and months of waiting, DreamLAB was one of the ten proposals on a global scale, and the only one from Latin America, to be selected; and thus, the journey to build resilient, inclusive, and safe neighborhoods, cities, and, above all, communities began.